What we do

We partake in numerous activities to keep our audience happy!

Video Content

We create a combination of live and recorded content. This can be found on both our Twitch and YouTube channels.

Elite Gaming Network

We have crafted a network for streamers to help them grow and build up a friendly viewing audience they can all share.

Huge Giveaways

We use our network to push huge giveaways each month to give a viewer a chance to win a pile of goodies to say thank you!

Why Subscribe to our Twitch?

There are a bunch of awesome reasons you should sub to us! These are some of them..

No ads

Enjoy our streams without having to watch pesky ads everytime you load the stream, or during ad breaks.

Subscriber Badge

Get the DoN logo by your name in chat to show the world that you are supporting us directly.

Talk in Slow-Mode

Post as many messages as you like even when the chat is in slow mode.

Talk in Sub-Only mode

Talk in chat while the chat is in Subscriber only mode.

Many More

There are a lot more benefits to subscribing to us, you can find these by clicking the image on the left.

What do we play?

We play a variety of different games to appeal to a wider audience and give more differentiation.

Official Sponsors

Checkout all of our sponsors for great deals and discounts up to 20%

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Find us on all platforms

As we stream to twitch you can find us on all of the platforms that you use, including PC/ Laptop, tablet and mobile.

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Our Achievements

These are our acheivements since starting Twitch

336374+ Unique Views
90200+ Followers
300+ Active Subscribers
760+ Days on Twitch